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Your lighting design partner for the IoT

Lighting Design and the IoT
The Internet of Things has become an intrinsic part of today’s world. Everything and anybody is or will be connected. The infrastructure for control, management and analytics of the “Big Data” has become one of the prime considerations in any building or public realm (re)development. Lighting is fast becoming the key choice in every development to host the Big Data infrastructure. With the lighting systems becoming the host for the data infrastructure integration, which also may include components such as GPS and Li-Fi, there will be a direct impact on how lighting designers manage the “conventional” requirements to uphold lighting design quality, standard compliance, ambiance, mood and comfort with today’s requirements for data measurement, management, control and analytics.

Future Proofing Our World
Big data analytics aims to reduce cost, improve the human experience and increase safety and security in every space and environment. By using scalable, open and updateable infrastructures and IoT features the foundation for future proofing our cities and buildings is laid. Lighting systems will play a key role in developing this future proofing and as such the role of a lighting designer will need to change to accommodate and facilitate this change.

Klaasen Lighting Design

Klaasen Lighting Design is fully embracing these new developments and is one of the first professional lighting design practices to engage with the IoT demands in lighting systems through our Lighting Design of Things (LDoT) platform. To further the necessary knowledge and understanding of the “Things” that a lighting designer will need to be able to integrate, control, manage or analyse through lighting design, KLD is signing multiple partnerships and collaborations with the world’s leading IoT players, systems and data infra-structure developers that are or intend to use light as a host, to assure the integration and integrity of lighting and lighting design is upheld.


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