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Most new project and businesses have implemented, or are looking to implement, some form of infrastructure to collect data or use data to automate building processes (eg. occupancy, usage data, climate control, lighting control, etc.) with the intent to improve economical or environmental impact.

Ingmar and Martin Klaasen, both from the lighting design industry, noted the impact of decisions made about data infrastructure on the implementation of lighting design and the actual lighting installation; the two didn't always work together in an optimal way.

Over a culmination of years of research and practical testing it was identified that lighting would make an ideal choice to integrate with and host smart data-driven solutions. Seeing this as a "Kodak moment" for lighting, they set out to develop a way to facilitate, integrate and curate the process of merging the IOT with architectural lighting design. It is almost a given that moving into the future we are all looking for some kind of 'smarts' to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and increase the overall user experience. How do we go abouts achieving this? Where do we start? Well, the 'smart' market can be difficult to navigate and it is not always clear what the most suitable solution is, let alone the fact many of us don't know exactly what kinds of data collection and automation would actually achieve the outcomes desired.

We are not simply selecting a product (eg. sensor) out of thousands out there on the market; we are selecting a whole solution (eg. hardware, software & user interfaces) with the end in mind. This solution needs to work with existing building infrastructure, needs to be scalable into the future and be affordable to both small and larger businesses. Can we get all this from one vendor? We've identified the need for an independent professional consultancy that can bring it altogether so that project clients can make easy, informed decisions on their 'smart' requirements as well as access the support services they need to procure and integrate all the elements of the solution. That's why our motto is "Smart from the Start".