Frequently Asked Questions

LDOT is a platform acting as a gateway linking the various elements and players in the ‘smart’ & IoT markets. It is accessible by members and partners (with a free account), those who are seeking ‘smart’ solutions and those who are providing them. LDOT is a professional consultancy that helps project clients and specifiers make informed decisions about the data-related infrastructure they need, as well as support with procuring of the right products and services and integration where necessary. <iframe src="" width="640" height="564" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The portal offers various tools such as the Menu of Things (MOT) and Project Hub (PH). The MOT is specifically designed to equip those who are seeking smart solutions for their projects with the necessary information on how to build an ecosystem consisting of all the constituents thereof; a ‘Data Brief’. This brief can be used in a manner of ways including fine tuning of the system design, procurement of products and services (we can link you with our partners), system integration, lighting design and a myriad of other value added services. The PH gives our partners the opportunity to offer suitable smart solutions (a smart proposal) for projects on the LDOT portal; connecting partners straight to our clients.

Smart design made easy, project solutions made easy and system integration made easy. Considering the ‘smart’ market is vast and can be confusing, LDOT aims to be a one-stop-shop where all elements of a smart project solution can be found, procured and implemented. Smart from the start! LDOT members will have access to these tools and have peace of mind knowing LDOT has done the hard work for them. LDOT stands for quality and reputation and makes sure partner companies in our network are reputable industry players and will stand by their products and services. “Tried and Tested” is our motto here. Via our Innovation & Test Lab LDOT aims benchmark test and review the latest smart solutions.

Yes, becoming a member is free. However, you will need to create a free account in order to access the Menu of Things and other tools on the LDOT portal. To view specific project information on the Project Hub, members must also be a registered partner with LDOT (becoming a partner company, aka solutions provider, is also free of charge).

LDOT partners are those companies able to provide smart solutions to our clients and members. We recognise that vendors can come from various industry backgrounds and can specialise in certain areas (products, services, hardware, software, front-end, back-end etc), whilst some may be able to provide a more comprehensive solution. LDOT strives to collaborate with reputable companies, whether small or large, that have a good track record and can deliver as per quality expectation. We welcome any companies who wish to be part of our network.

In order to become an LDOT partner company, we require a pre-determined completed Collaboration Agreement outlining the terms of our collaboration. Once the Agreement has been accepted by both parties the company will have exclusive partner access to the LDOT portal and be promoted within our network. It is free to become a partner, however, any successful project involvement from a partner company will be executed following the terms in the Agreement.