Getting Started

Short Tutorial #1 — Introduction

Thanks for checking us out. We're all about being able to best combine and integrate smart lighting and smart technology with architecture and building infrastructure. LDOT is a place where solutions seekers and solutions providers come together. Let us help you navigate the smart market with our ready-built tools and structured approach. At the very least, get a better understanding of the things you'll need to make a smart solution work. Welcome to our world.

Short Tutorial #2 — Getting Started

Explore the LDOT website. Let's take a look at what's available. Read about our story, our process, our tools and services and the latest from the Newsfeed of Things.

Short Tutorial #3 — Joining as a Member or Partner

Make the most of your experience. What can you expect by becoming a member or partner? Here's a quick delve into the registration process and what's involved. We also take a look at the different types of LDOT partners and whether you could be a part of the LDOT family.

Short Tutorial #4 — Using the Menu of Things

Here's a tour of the Menu of Things and what it is used for. This is a step-by-step guide on creating project profiles for different applications and building a project-specific brief based on the 'smart' outcomes you actually want.