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Your lighting design partner for the IoT

LDoT for Smart Cities

The future proofing of our cities will require understanding of the smart infrastructures and strategies that cities of tomorrow will implement. Whether the systems heat-map motorised or pedestrian traffic patterns, assist in way finding and locating car parking spaces or whether the systems provide WiFi connectivity, measure environmental issues like air-quality, temperature, humidity, noise and ambient lighting levels or monitor anti-social behaviour for crime prevention, the lighting poles and points in a city will be a prime choice for its integration. Connectivity and data communication are key to understanding what can be integrated and how it can be integrated into lighting and lighting design. Our aim is for the lighting designer of things to take charge, coordinate and facilitate this integration rather then individual “smart” parties with no overview of the overall end-result to be achieved through lighting as a host.

LDoT value proposition:
LDoT tools and the data they bring can have a direct bearing on a city’s efficiencies. A single tool (e.g. presence detection) can have multiple advantageous actions that can simultaneously reduce costs, increase functionality and responsiveness and safety.  

Through our Menu of Things and based on a city’s requirements we can assist in the selection of and advise how these value propositions can be integrated into lighting and lighting design. This can be done for new urban developments and redevelopment of existing precincts.


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