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Our Services

Delivering our services in line with the new demands for the IoT and data infra-structure integration is of crucial importance. With the changing responsibilities of the lighting designer, the range of services is also adapting.

Our lighting design of things services can be offered as:
—> a Direct Client Service; or
—> as part of an integrated Light as a Service (LaaS) provision

Our services are available on fixed lumpsum, time rate or subscription basis.  

1. Lighting Design of Things

Through our Menu of Things, we establish the client’s needs in regards to backbone data infrastructures, IoT features, API’s and other smart services that may be required to meaningfully collect, analyse and apply the big data outcomes to be integrated in light as a host. With our partners in the Big Data and IoT industry we will then work out and propose the best value for money solutions for the integration into an appropriate architectural lighting design plan.

2. Architectural Lighting Design

This is the traditional quality lighting design service that KLD is known for through its award-winning projects. It assures that lighting effects, moods and ambiences are being created to client’s briefs and the resulting lighting solutions comply with the required quality standards, building codes and lighting standards guidelines.


3. Active Content Design Management

This service is offered to assure that programmable lighting design content and lighting performance are managed, maintained, relevant and updated in real time from the day of commissioning. Media façades, smart lights, circadian and other programmable light settings may need to be updated and adapted to changing environmental factors or seasonal requirements.  


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Example value propositions
(through data analytics):

Programmable & schedulable preferences & behaviour profiles of individual or groups of light fixtures.

Automated (in response to environmental conditions) or remotely controlled via a 3rd party app or cloud-based interface.

Fixture failure detection for preventative maintenance scheduling.  Integration with BMS systems for monitoring and actions.  

Overall energy usage monitoring and adjusted light levels according to amount of daylight and sensed occupancy.

Real-time (or historical) tracking of people, products or equipment in a space enabling accurate heat-mapping, space utilisation management and workspace scheduling
(ie. conference rooms, desks).

Learning of guest's/user's personal preferences & controls for a personalised experience and hospitality services.

Easy navigation and GPS positioning. Location monitoring of staff or visitors.  


More granular data to track and analyse behaviours (movement, time & direction).

Integration of cleaning services, waste & pollution control)

HVAC System Management
(overall management & control of heating, ventillation & airconditioning)

Learning of guest's/user's personal preferences & controls for a personalised experience and hospitality services.

Data collection of environmental conditions including visibility, air pressure, air quality, weather and flood water detection.

Vehicle counting, congestion reporting and tracking of autonomous vehicles. 

Public & cyber security, public alerts and emergency response. 



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