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Acknowledging the need for change KLD created a dedicated Lighting Design of Things platform to address these anticipated needs and demands. The mobile phone 10 years ago was designed as a simple communication tool for voice and text messages; it has now evolved into a multifunctional digital tool that can virtually do anything! The lighting systems of the future are moving in the same direction, evolving from a simple lighting system to a digital hub with an abundance of non-lighting IoT features, applications and network processes.

Lighting points will still have the key critical task to provide proper lighting, creating mood, ambiances and adequate lighting for comfort, safety and security while having to comply to lighting standards and building codes. Only an experienced lighting designer can fulfil that role, hence the role of the lighting designer will have to dramatically change to manage and facilitate the integration of IoT features and data infra-structures into the overall lighting design approach.

"One of the definitions of a successful lighting design is that the illuminated space, in addition to being both appealing and functional, should meet the needs of its intended occupants without causing discomfort... There are many new and wonderful features and services that can now be incorporated into lighting. Time has come to welcome the Lighting Design of Things as the industry transits from being solely focussed on architectural lighting design to incorporating the smart features of the IoT."


Our Vision

Our Lighting Design of Things (LDoT) platform does just that, it brings back the lighting designer at the centre of the architectural design and integration process. Managing and facilitating the integration of the IoT into our lighting design will provide our clients and project partners peace of mind that the non-lighting features and systems will be seamless integrated in any architectural environment with lighting. 

Through a network of partnerships and collaborations with leading smart lighting manufacturers, infrastructure providers, data and IoT specialists in the industry, KLD is building a “Menu of Things” to the benefit of its clients. As technology is developing very fast in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and the IoT, our partnerships are key in the critical race to stay ahead and relevant in this progress.

Pioneers of Light, Amsterdam (Sep 2018) - Outtake


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